iTunes gift cards finally available in Singapore

The perfect gift for your iTunes-obsessed friend - if they don’t mind getting apps, movies and music from the Singapore store only
iTunes gift cards finally available in Singapore

You can finally buy an iTunes gift card and send it to your friends in Singapore.

This morning, we received a promotional e-mail from Challenger, announcing the availability of the physical iTunes gift cards in its stores. The card is also available from Apple Premium Resellers and Courts.

iTunes gift cards finally available in Singapore

A quick check in the iTunes store also showed a new option to send a virtual iTunes gift card, with fixed denominations of S$15, S$30, S$50, S$100 and S$150.

Ok, so that settles the next Chinese New Year red packet - giving a S$15 iTunes gift card beats actual money any day.

Wait, wait, did you think this’ll solve your purchasing problems with apps, music and movies from the US and Japan stores? Think again. The gift cards sold in Singapore, as expected, will only work with the Singapore store.

Even though Apple has brought movies and music to the Singapore store since 2012, popular US TV shows aren’t available in the local store yet. Neither will you find manga that’s only available on the Japan store.

As you can see, the scalpers are still in business, always ready to sell you an overpriced iTunes gift card from US or Japan.