It’s time to digest Singtel’s price plans for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

As expected, you’ll be paying more for the new iPhones

Just like M1 users, Singtel customers will be paying around S$60 more for the iPhone 6s, compared to those who bought the iPhone 6 last year.

But other than that, there are no surprises from Singtel this year. Subscription still remains the same across the board, unlike M1 which has quietly raised the monthly subscription by S$1 for all plans except for the lowest and highest tier.

A quick comparison between M1 and Singtel’s price plans also doesn’t deviate much from what we’ve always seen - M1 offers better subsidies for the lower price plans but Singtel dishes out a better price for the phones on a higher-end plan.

Data-wise, we’re seeing at least 1GB more from M1 for the plans. Trust us, that additional GB will come in handy when you go on a YouTube watching spree during your daily commute.

Overall, it would seem like M1 has the lead for now. But this could change when StarHub releases its price plans for the iPhones. Which we heard is very soon, so check back for more details and a comparison of the price plans later today.

Full details of Singtel's iPhone 6s and 6s Plus price plans