It’s set in stone – Microsoft’s unveiling its product(s) at MWC 2015

The company invites media to “come along for the ride”
It’s set in stone – Microsoft’s unveiling its product(s) at MWC 2015

You would think that after recently unveiling its HoloLens headset and making two Office-related announcements (it even showcased its smart scarf technology), Microsoft would back down in making other reveals in the coming months. You’re wrong. 

Instead, the tech giant’s all prepped up to make another (or a few, depending on what it intends to unveil) announcement. Microsoft’s officially sent out invites to the media for a special press conference, due to take place on March 2 during the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona.

And just as a FYI note, that’s just a day after both Samsung and HTC’s big press events.

However, not much can be made from the Microsoft invite – all it shows is a tagline “come along for the ride”, which could literally mean the launch of well, anything.

One might assume that there will be some new smartphones shown off by Microsoft, but sources have indicated that it’s unlikely to be a new Windows Phone flagship device (even though it’s been a while since the last high-end Lumia was launched).

On the contrary, they say that it might just be the successor to the Lumia 1320 – a device that might take the name Lumia 1330. This purported 5.7in mid-range phablet is said to boast a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 SoC, 1GB of RAM, 720p display, 32GB of onboard storage, as well as a 14MP PureView back camera and 5MP front snapper.

But then again, unless Microsoft wants to be known as a brand with low to mid-range mobile devices, it should show off something else that stands a head above the rest. We’ll just have to wait for MWC 2015 to find out what’s in store.

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[Source: GSM Arena