It's official - Xiaomi's smartphone is coming to Singapore

Question is, will this made-in-China brand enjoy the same cult success as it did on its home ground?
It's official - Xiaomi's smartphone is coming to Singapore

It’s official. Well, at least as official as it gets on Xiaomi’s Singapore Facebook page, which posted a photo that said ‘Hello’ in English, Chinese and Tamil.

Somebody ought to tell Xiaomi they forgot our Malay friends.

That aside, the image, which was also posted by Xiaomi’s latest addition to its team and ex-Android head honcho Hugo Barra, listed four Chinese characters, which means starting anew but is also a word play to suggest it’s starting business in Singapore. After the tremendous success and following it received in China, it expanded its presence to Taiwan and Hong Kong, making Singapore the third stop.

Xiaomi Mi3

Details about which Xiaomi smartphone will be launched here is still shrouded in mystery, though our guess would be its flagship Xiaomi Mi3. And with it, you’ll also get the MIUI, a customised user interface (UI) that makes UIs on other Android devices look like bloatware. How popular is it? 30 million users should answer that question.

Comments on Xiaomi’s Facebook post indicate a strong interest in not just the Mi3, but also Xiaomi’s mobile accessories, media streamers and even its TV. The most important question, however, is the cost of the upcoming Xiaomi smartphone here.

For now, the Chinese company hasn’t revealed how much its devices will cost in Singapore, nor when it'll launch the Android smartphones. But the Xiaomi devices are known for its affordability, despite high-end specs that include the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processors and large, full HD screens.

[Source: Xiaomi Singapore Facebook]