It's official: Singapore is THE smartphone nation of the world

How do we know? Google says so
Singapore number one for smartphone penetration, says Google

We did it! We ARE the most smartphone-connected country. Not only in Southeast Asia. Not only in the East. But in the world, and maybe even the universe.  

According to Google’s new study called Consumer Barometer, which gives deep detail into web consumption across 46 countries, Asia is king for smartphone penetration, with Singapore number one at 85%, then Korea at 80%, and the UAE at 78%. Malaysia takes the title for the highest rate of internet users who only access the web via a smartphone (35%).

Here at Stuff, we had a good feeling Singapore would top the list: 65% of you guys read this site from a mobile device and 92% of our top stories are smartphone related content. So it doesn’t look like Singapore is slowing down on its love for the handheld wonder portals just yet.

But what does it all mean?

Google says that in light of these stats, businesses in Singapore should be rethinking their mobile strategies.

“It’s vital for every business to think mobile­ first,” said Julian Persaud, Managing Director Google Southeast Asia, ahead of Google’s "Asia: The Mobile First World" conference in Taiwan this week.

“88% of Singaporeans say they experienced problems when accessing websites on their phones, so clearly there’s a lot more work to be done,” added Persaud.