It's an audio bonanza from Samsung for CES 2014

Samsung will attempt to wow audio enthusiast with these 5 offerings come CES 2014

Samsung is set to expand its wireless streaming audio system with the Shape M5 speaker – taking on Stuff Gadget Award winner the Sonos Play:1.

The Shape M5 is just one of a range of audio kit that Samsung is preparing to reveal at CES 2014, including two soundbars, a portable stereo and a home theatre system.

Shapely speakers

Looking ‘shapely’ as the name suggests, the Shape M5 wireless streaming audio system will be making its debut at CES this year; being smaller than it’s brother the M7 it packs the same wireless audio tech but features a bit of a driver downgrade with only three drivers rather than five as per it’s larger sibling. Able to connect to your LAN network through a Shape hub wired to your router and controlled via the Shape mobile app, they’ve also thoughtfully made available a connect box that hooks up your old school analogs to come under wireless control as well.

Shape compatible soundbars the HW-H750 and the HW-H600 will be also on the scene, with the H750 made to sit unobtrusively under your LCD and is capable of 320W of sound while the H600 sound stand is made for plonking your TV on top of it while it churns out multi-directional 4.2 channel audio.

Home Entertainment

Coming with six speakers, a subwoofer, an amplifier with both analog vacuum tubes and digital amps on top of a Blu-ray player capable of 4K upscaling, the HT-H7730WM system is set to deliver up to 9.1 channels sound using the brand new DTS Neo: Fusion II codec.

Also making its debut will be Sammy’s MX-HS8500 GIGA system. With 2,500W of power and twin 15-inch subs, it’s also built for travel with a retractable handle and wheels to get around. It’s also got the very same visual flair as its predecessors to dazzle away, the system pretty much is touted to have enough oomph to rattle your windows and wake the dead.

More to come at CES so stay tuned!

[Source: ENGADGET]