Is the iPhone 6s launching in Singapore on 18 September?

Rumours on launch dates in Singapore continue to swirl but what’s certain is that Apple’s new smartphone will most likely be sold out on launch day

We know Apple’s doing a big event on 9 September (10 September 1am in Singapore due to the time difference). Trust us, it’ll most likely be the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus making their debut. 

But what hasn’t been clearly spelled out is when the new iPhones will be available in Singapore. HardwareZone, however, reported that the launch will happen on 25 September, quoting sources familiar to the matter which would probably mean pre-orders starting from around 18 September. Other sources have suggested it could even be available from the 18th, which would make it the fastest roll-out ever for Apple. That would give telcos just slightly more than a week to react and prepare for the launch. Is it possible? Perhaps, given how Samsung upped the ante when it did a same-week roll-out for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, right after its unveiling in New York. Also bear in mind that this is Apple we’re talking about, and it won’t be surprising if the iPhone maker throws a surprise at everyone.

The telcos haven’t outright confirmed when Apple’s handing the stock over and specifying when it’ll launch. But if Apple remains consistent, registration of interest through the telcos will start next week, followed by appointment booking to collect the iPhone, two Fridays from the announcement. And that’ll mean a 25 September launch date.

Whatever it is, on 18 or 25 September, if you’re not quick on your feet and buy through the telcos or from Apple Premium Resellers such as Nubox and Epicentre, one thing’s for sure - you’ll have to wait a few more weeks for stocks to come in.

Unless you get the less popular 16GB version. And lament how you should have waited for restocks of the larger 64GB models.