The iPhone 6 will most likely land in Singapore on 19 September

Sources predict the device to land on our little red dot just days after official launch
The iPhone 6 will most likely land in Singapore on 19 September

After much speculation of what the iPhone 6 will look like and when it’s due to be launched, we got word that Apple’s fixed a date on 9 September to out the device. But as for its availability in Singapore, a “number of reliable sources” of HardwareZone's claim it’s coming on 19 September.

Before you discard the idea as “just some fortunetellers trying to predict when it’s coming”, you should probably take into consideration that these sources have previously provided the publication with predicted launch dates for the iPhone 4S/5/5S/5C (basically a bulk of the iPhone mobile range).

And so far, they have been correct.

As predicted, if you take a look a year back, the iPhone 5S and 5C smartphones were unveiled on 10 September, and they subsequently hit our retail stores on 20 September. Likewise, the iPhone 5 was unveiled on 12 September the year before, with retailers in Singapore carrying it just days later.

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So if we go by what we learned from Apple’s history, we will not have to wait too long from 9 September before we’re able to get our hands on the eagerly awaited mobile device.

The claims of the sources also fall in line with speculations that have been circulating – for one, a Weibo user in China had tipped the iPhone 6 to launch on 19 September. This leaker could have been alluding to an Asian launch date.

On the other hand, MacRumors speculated a launch date sometime in October. So we’re pretty much feeling like our feelings are getting toyed with, but we’d like to put our trust in the sources of HardwareZone’s and anticipate a 19 September local launch.

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[Source: HardwareZone]