iPhone 5S release date slated for 20 September

Apple's next generation of iPhones could be in our hands one week after their big reveal

The iPhone 5S and budget iPhone 5C could be released on 20 September according to the latest whispers to come out of the iRumour mill.

Mark your calendar

The speculated date has arisen after TmoNews' mystery sources told the site that US T-Mobile employees have been forbidden to go on holiday from 20-22 September.

Apple launches tend to create very long queues and frenzied mobs, so it makes sense that a major network provider will need every hand they can get on the big day.

A 20 September release date for the iPhone 5S and 5C makes sense to us as it follows the iPhone 5's release date pattern from last year, when it too launched the week after its reveal.

Check out everything we think we know about the iPhone 5S so far to prepare yourself for the big day on 10 September.

[TmoNews via CNET]

Singapore prediction

According to our source within one of the three Singapore telcos, employees have been informed to avoid taking days off and be on standby from 18th to 22nd September.

The reason behind this blackout period is not mentioned, but our source indicates a high possibility of the iPhone 5S launch in Singapore on 21st September, a day later than the US launch due to the time difference.

Our source also mentioned that the company is gearing up for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launch, which will be revealed at IFA next week, almost immediately after the iPhone 5S launch here.

Considering how the Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched in Singapore within a month after its unveiling in New York, and Samsung's bitter rivalry to up the ante against Apple, we do not rule out the possibility.