Interact with robots and cyborgs at the ArtScience Museum’s latest exhibition

When humanity gets remixed with AI

Get a fascinating glimpse into the future at HUMAN+: The Future of Our Species.

As the name suggests, the ArtScience Museum’s newest exhibition is a collection of work from over 40 international artists, scientists, technologists and designers — all with a strong focus on artificial intelligence, robotics and genetic modification. 

The exhibition lets you interact with Nanyang Technological University’s humanoid robot receptionist Nadine, who can recognize faces and hold a conversation, and meet the world’s first officially recognized human cyborg, Neil Harbisson, who has an antenna implanted in his skull which lets him hear and sense colours.

Other highlights include Australian performance artist Stelarc, famed for having prosthetic ears grafted to his arm, who will also have his work on display, featuring prosthetics, robotics and virtual reality systems, along with an installation that lets you experiment with the enigmatic gaze of disembodied eyes.

The exhibition will encompass four themed galleries exploring superhumans, a world with robotic companions, the effect technology has on our environment and the boundaries of human life and our own morality.

Bound to be an eye-opening (if not slightly unnerving) experience that will address the changing nature of social relationships as a result of rapid advances in technology, the exhibition will also force you to confront your own reservations with robotic agents and AI in general. It’s pretty much going to be like walking through an episode of Black Mirror.

HUMAN+: The Future of Our Species happens 20 May to 15 Octoer at the ArtScience Museum. Adult tickets start from S$17.