Intellect Motion kickstarts iMotion, a VR-compatible 3D games controller and mouse

Handy motion-tracked 3D mouse is designed to work with Oculus Rift and a standard webcam

Want a next-gen control system to go with your Oculus Rift headset and Omni Treadmill? You're in luck: Intellect Motion has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a wireless 3D motion controller, known as iMotion.

The low-cost system uses a a few LEDs and your standard webcam for motion-tracking, and couples them with a haptic feedback system for an extra level of immersion. 

New wave

The iMotion straps onto your hand, and its three coloured LEDs are tracked by a standard webcam. The company claims an accuracy to 2mm within its range of 0.3-4.8m, and up to four iMotions can be used simultaneously. With those figures it seems to be competing both with the Xbox's Kinect and Leap Motion. Though each of those offers finer control than the iMotion; the Leap Motion tracks all 10 fingers down to 0.01mm and while there's no info on the specific accuracy of the new Xbox Kinect, it tracks an impressive six entire bodies and 25 individual joints using a combination of video and IR.

Inside the iMotion is a gyroscope and an accelerometer as well as a "4-channel haptic motion feedback sensor" which produces vibration to simulate touch. This is also the part that makes it look a bit like a back massager.

The iMotion is actually designed to be used with the aforementioned Oculus Rift VR headset, and by strapping on two iMotions and firing up their Virtual Hands SDK, users can equip themselves with virtual hands in certain virtual worlds. Some of the photos also show an iMotion being used as a belt buckle, possibly to control directional movement while those virtual hands are busy.

The iMotion system is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux and some Android mobile devices. Intellect Motion is offering iMotion units for US$59 ($74) to early bird Kickstarter supporters, compared to the standard price of US$69 ($87).

Star Wars holodeck, here we come…