Instagram’s Bolt is slowly, quietly, and surely here

You could be one of the first to get the rival app of Snapchat
Instagram’s Bolt is slowly, quietly, and surely here

Singaporeans, count yourselves lucky. You are (if you’ve installed it already) one of the first few to get Instagram’s standalone Bolt app, and if you haven’t yet done so, you will be one of the first in the entire world when you do.

Yes, Instagram’s officially – and quietly – taken the wraps off its impending app and Singapore, along with New Zealand, and South Africa, get the chance to use it first. It seems like Instagram’s leaving Bolt’s take-up fate to a bunch of international users.

The silent unveil could be a result of the hype that was generated when leaks of the app circulated around the tech space.

Instagram claims its usage is more simplified as compared to Snapchat – with its “one tap capture and send” function instead of having to fiddle through options and swiping across contacts and snaps. To send a video, simply do the same but tap and hold to record. 

Hands-on with Bolt

Instagram’s Bolt is slowly, quietly, and surely here

But this is only applicable if the person’s on your favourites list, which can be found at the bottom of your screen once you’ve taken a photo or video. The rest of it is pretty much self-explanatory if you’re familiar with Snapchat – your receiver gets your image or video on their mobiles briefly and he/she can reply with one of their own.   

There’s also a function that allows you to undo your action and recover a message within the first few seconds by simply and quickly shaking the phone.

But, we found one of its functions uncanny; you’re not required to use Instagram or Facebook to log in. Instead, you’ve got to manually key in your mobile number, which gives the app access to your contacts list.

We’re also baffled by why Facebook-owned Instagram will out a ghost image/video-sharing app when Facebook’s already got a similar one, Slingshot, for itself.

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[Source and image: Engadget