Idiot who stole Razer's three-screen laptop prototype China

UPDATE: The thief is brazenly selling his stolen wares online

While Razer certainly impressed with its prototype Project Valerie at CES, it also attracted the attention of thieves.

The company lost two of its prototypes on the last day of CES, as CEO Min-Liang Tan confirmed in a Facebook post.

UPDATE 13/1/2016: The missing Razer Project Valerie prototype has been spotted online being sold on China e-commerce site Taobao, according to Tweaktown. It's being sold for RMB150000 (S$31050), which is one, crazy and two, probably a scam.

Judging from the photo on said listing, it seems that the seller really does have the stolen Razer laptops and though the company now will know which country the laptops are in, getting them back will be tricky.

Still, we hope that Razer manages to get local authorities' assistance in apprehending the idiot(s) involved and getting their cool prototypes back.

Mystery theft

Razer has already made the necessary reports to authorities, and is working with them, as well as CES' management to address the theft.

The company said that if it was a case of industrial espionage, then the theft would be "cheating". It is unclear at this point of time whether or not it is the case, or merely simple burglary.

Anyone with information can contact Razer at, with a US$25,000 reward being offered for "original information leading to the identification, arrest and conviction of a criminal suspect."

You might think it's impossible that someone could have made off with the standout laptop, let alone both of them, but given the chaos of CES, anything is possible. We were duly impressed with Project Valerie when we encountered it at CES, so here's hoping Razer gets it back soon.

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[Source: Razer]