HTC gives up on cheap phones

It's only midrange and high-end phones for HTC from now on

HTC's not going to make anymore budget/cheap phones, instead focusing on midrange and high-end models for the sake of profit.

All about the bottomline

While HTC's budget phones haven't done too badly, but the reality is the profit margin is too low for the phones to be sustainable. The money, as Apple and Samsung's proved, is in flagship phones.

Sadly HTC's flagship of the last year, HTC 10 hasn't made enough of an inroad when competing against flashy flagships such as the Samsung S7 series and Apple's iPhone 7.

The current HTC budget phone lineup will not be pulled from current markets, instead allowing them to continue being sold but HTC will not attempt to launch new lines. At present the budget phone market is saturated, especially with all the competition from China brands.

The good news is that HTC's started to start making a mark with its newly launched HTC Ultra, which offers a 5.7in display and a flashy glass exterior. Check out our review of the phone here.

[Source: CNet]