HP goes into Computex all guns blazing with new and improved laptops

UPDATED 06/06/14: The Chromebook 11 is now available in Singapore in Snow White, priced at S$399 and exclusively at Courts
HP goes into Computex all guns blazing with new and improved laptops

HP will introduce a new crop of laptops that will either literally bend over backwards, split itself in half, or offer an Android experience at Computex 2014, in Taipei.

The company might be struggling in terms of PC sales, but this proves it isn’t giving up on its PC business.  Instead, it's looking to entice a wide spectrum of laptop lovers. This includes a new range of Android-powered laptops, Chrome OS notebooks and the usual crop of Windows machines.

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Black paint, yellow stripe

SlateBook PC that runs on Android

The first is a SlateBook PC that runs on Android – this one targets a burgeoning market of users that want Android on a PC. Although HP isn’t the first in the market to offer this (Asus and Acer have both made hybrid notebooks that run Windows and Android simultaneously), this 14in touchscreen combines an Android interface of a tablet with the productivity of a notebook.

It comes in a clamshell design, with a black exterior trimmed with “sweet yellow” accents (it got us singing to Wiz Khalifa’s Black and Yellow), and it will be driven by an Nvidia Tegra 4 chip, boast up to 2GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.

HP expects the SlateBook to ship in the US on 6 August from US$399 (S$501), although no local pricing or availability information has been divulged.

The Pavilion and Envy are cousins

The Pavilion and Envy are cousins

It will also debut its pimped up 13.3in Pavilion x360, with a better battery life and graphics card as compared to the one it unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Bacrelona. The Pavilion x360 will have a memory of up to 8GB, and hard drive storage of between 500GB to 1TB.

You can get your hands on a red or silver model from 20 July in the US, costing from US$600 (S$753).

There will also be an Envy x360 (a larger version of its Pavilion cousin), that sports a 15.6in display, 8GB RAM and up to 1TB of storage. It’s only going to be available in silver, costing US$680 (S$854) – although, HP’s being tight-lipped on its shipping date.

What else can we look forward to?

a revamped Chromebook 11

You can also expect a revamped Chromebook 11, which will shop in Ocean Turquoise or Snow White colours instead of the classic black and shiny white versions. Specs include up to 2GB RAM, 16GB of local storage, and a Samsung Exynos 5250 CPU.

Update 06/06/14: The Chromebook 11 will only be available in Snow White in Singapore, priced at S$399 and exclusively at Courts. It’s a cheaper option to what looks like the Macbook Air.

It’s also revamped its Split x2 model, to include a fan less version, in addition to moving the main storage containment from the keyboard side to the tablet end, so users wont lose their data if they separate it from the keyboard. The Split x2 will be available in white, silver, or red, from 16 July, for a starting price of US$600 (S$753).

HP is definitely crafting up many options with its consumer range but the fact remains unknown (for now) if this move is enough for it to win back market share.

[Source and images: PCWorld]

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