How to exchange or get a refund for your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Singapore

UPDATE: Travellers can also turn in their Note 7 devices at Changi Airport

Samsung Singapore has just released a statement about the Galaxy Note 7 status here.

The good news? You can get a refund for your official Samsung accessories and you get a monetary incentive for exchanging for an S7 Edge, no matter where you bought them from. No matter the option you choose, your pre-existing contract with the telco will remain unaffected. Do note that the S7 Edge only comes in a 32GB variant. 

You can return your Note 7 and obtain a loan device at Changi Airport itself. The specific locations are: 

  • Samsung Experience Store at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 (Departure/ Transit Lounge), 24hrs
  • The Shilla Duty Free Shops at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 (opposite Sprint Cass), 6am to 12mn
  • The Shilla Duty Free Shops at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2 (beside SKII), 6am to 12mn

All you need is the IMEI number of your Note 7 and boarding pass to participate in your country's refund/exchange program. More information here.

Additional text by Elissa Loi

Your options

In the statement, Samsung urged users to power down their devices. It also confirmed that customers could choose a full refund on the S$1168 Galaxy Note 7 or to exchange it for the S$1098 S7 Edge and receive a cheque of S$250, which includes the price difference of S$70. All refunds will be done via cheque.

From 26 October to 6 November, Note 7 owners can head over to the Samsung Note 7 exchange site and get these options:

1) Select Exchange or Refund

2) Select preferred Galaxy S7 edge colour for Exchange customers, subject to availability

3) Select the original Samsung Galaxy Note7 accessory to be refunded

4) Select preferred time slot from available home delivery slots

This is the information you will be required to submit: 

1) Full name as per bank account 

2) NRIC or FIN number 

3) Mobile contact 

4) Email address 

5) Home delivery address

As for accessories

Samsung will also refund the full retail value of official Samsung Note 7 accessories that fall within this list: 

- Galaxy Note7 S View Standing Cover

- Galaxy Note7 Clear View Cover 

- Galaxy Note7 LED View Cover 

- Galaxy Note7 Leather Cover 

- Galaxy Note7 Clear Cover 

- Galaxy Note7 Keyboard Cover 

- Galaxy Note7 Back Pack

The home delivery service provider will verify the accessories are from the list before refunding you. If you bought Samsung Concierge with your Note 7, it will be transferred to the S7 Edge that you're receiving in exchange or you will receive a S$38 refund should you choose to get a refund for your Note 7. 

So shut it down and turn it in. But not before you back up your data using Samsung Smart Switch and reset your phone, of course.  For further information, customers can call 1800-SAMSUNG (7267864). 

16/10/2016 UPDATE: In light of the flight ban of the device, for those Note 7 owners travelling to Singapore and finding themselves stuck, call Samsung at +65 6415 0800.

And for those who are traveling out of Singapore, you can get a courtesy device from the Samsung Customer Service Centre at Westgate or the Samsung Experience Store at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 (departure/transit lounge). 

As for travellers

Samsung Mobile Singapore has commented on their initial post on Facebook with more information for travellers:

"Hi everyone, for those who are flying back to Singapore from overseas soon,here’s what you should do:

1) Backup your data in your Galaxy Note7 to a microSD card using Smart Switch.

2) Note down or take a photo of the IMEI number of your Galaxy Note7. You can find the 15-digit IMEI number at the back of your device.

3) Remove your microSD card & nanoSIM Card.

4) Perform a factory reset on your Galaxy Note7.

5) Get assistance from your hotel to return the Galaxy Note7 to the local Samsung office for safe disposal.

The courier charges incurred can be refunded with a receipt. For the list of addresses to send globally, please see here: *If you are unable to arrange for the return of the device in time, please dispose it as appropriately as possible, for example in a recycle bin.

The IMEI number of your Galaxy Note7 and your boarding pass is required to participate in our exchange/refund programme. The details of the exchange programme will be released ( as soon as it’s finalised. Thank you for your patience."