HotelQuickly is a lifesaver when you miss your flight

The last-minute hotel booking app is also perfect for a last-minute getaway or even a staycation
HotelQuickly is a lifesaver when you miss your flight

There are true, horror stories about people who missed their flight and end up in dodgy hotels for the night. We came close to that.

And if you’re a hotel snob like us, that just won’t do. And neither is paying an arm and a leg for a last-minute hotel room acceptable. Which is why there’s a good reason to download HotelQuickly if you’re like us.

This hotel booking service has none of the clutter and cumbersome interface you’ll find on hotel booking sites. Mainly because it’s a mobile-only app, available to download on iOS, Android and (OMG it’s still alive) BlackBerry 10 devices.

The app, which was launched in March 2013 and is mostly active in the Asia Pacific region, is meant for frequent travelers in foreign countries. Singapore, however, has an interesting trend noted by Tomas Laboutka, co-founder and CEO of HotelQuickly. The app is used mainly by locals who are planning for last minute staycations.

HotelQuickly is a lifesaver when you miss your flight
HotelQuickly is a lifesaver when you miss your flight

Laboutka also mentioned that unlike most other booking services, HotelQuickly can offer an average discount of 28% compared to other online booking sites. One caveat we’ve noticed when we were trying the app was its listed price. Like most sites, you’re shown the best price, but before taxes are factored in.

When we went through the booking process, we also noticed that the room type is assigned only at check-in. For couples who do a quick getaway or staycation, this doesn’t pose a problem. But if a larger group is involved, being unable to indicate how many people you’re booking for can be particularly tricky.

Laboutka, however, assures us that even if a family books through HoteQuickly, the hotel is able to accommodate for additional people. Other incidents, such as double booking, don’t occur as HotelQuickly and the hotels involved work closely, with flags that’ll appear if a failed or duplicate reservation kicks in.

The app is free to download and from time to time will include promotional codes to reduce booking costs. You can get it from the Apple App StoreGoogle Play Store and BlackBerry World.

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