Here’s a new way to shop at Sim Lim Square without getting ripped off

And you won’t have to deal with rude salesmen either

Ahh Sim Lim Square, we all have a love/hate relationship with that place.

Every Singaporean knows it’s a great mall to grab tech deals and gadgets you might not be able to find anywhere else, but alas, it also has a long-standing history of delivering a heinous shopping experience.

Amidst tales of overly-aggressive salesmen and the methods used to scam innocent shoppers out of everything from their cash to their dignity (we’re looking at you Jover Chew), it’s easy to see why many of us avoid that place altogether.

Well, thanks to this shiny new website, it doesn’t have to be that way. is the brainchild of four tech enthusiasts who’ve combed through more than 5,000 products (and counting) across 54 of the better shops in the mall to bring you the best deals Sim Lim Square has to offer.

The price comparison platform contains products across the board — from smartphones and laptops, to cameras and speakers — pretty much like a virtual catalogue of the mall, minus the scammers. 

Clicking on a product will reveal the different merchants selling it at that price, their rating and when the latest price update was. Prices on the site are updated every two weeks and you can even message the shop directly from the website for enquiries.

In the words of the founders on their Facebook page, “Where others see some chaotic and messy place, we geeks see Paradise.” And that’s exactly what they’ve done by taking the hassle out of shopping at Sim Lim. You can now just look for the item you need on the site, then visit the specific store at the mall to buy it — avoiding any unsavoury interaction.

Someone give these guys a medal already.