Here’s how to get Apple Airpods in a colour other than white

And we don’t mean the gross off-white that occurs after you’ve used them for 6 months

We get that Apple’s all about that minimalist aesthetic, but white accessories are so boring.

Case in point: The Apple Airpods. They’re nifty buds on their own, but the question here is could they be improved being outfitted in hot pink? We don’t know... Do you like pink?

If not, there are 57 other colours you can choose to have your Airpods custom painted in with ColorWare’s latest service. You can order the original earphones from the site in almost any colour of the rainbow and even choose a finish from matte to metallic. If you’ve been wishing for a glossy jet black pair to match your iPhone, now’s your chance.

While it would certainly be nice to have a sparkly aquamarine set of Airpods, the service doesn’t come cheap. A painted pair costs S$408, almost double the price of the S$238 originals. And if you’ve got money to blow, you can throw in an additional S$45 to have a matching coloured Airpod case as well.

Though expensive, the workmanship is excellent. ColorWare fully disassembles the product and carefully custom paints each individual component — plus they all come with a 12 month extendable warranty.

Not limited to Airpods, ColorWare also does custom paint jobs for other products including gaming consoles and speakers. Seriously, we never knew how much we needed a Black Mamba snakeskin themed PS4 in our lives until now.

If you’d like to stand out, get those coloured Airpods. If nothing else, they’ll definitely brighten up the day of the person who finds them after you inevitably lose them.