Here you go: Playstation 4 day one game list

That sweet PlayStation 4 needs some games to work its magic, and we have the full list of day one games right here
Here you go: Playstation 4 day one game list

We will be attending the PlayStation 4's official launch on 18th December at Wisma Atria Outdoor Atrium, bringing you any new and exciting news for future Playstation 4 owners. What we can share before the day is some juicy news.

One, there's loads of freebies for early birds who collect their PS4 this Thursday, including a free PS Vita TV and a 10-year PS Plus membership. Lucky sons-of-guns!

Two, we also have the full list of Day One games available for the PS4. They range from PSN-only titles all the way to big name game franchises. Check out the list below.

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag - Day1 Edition - S$67.90Battlefield 4 - S$84.9Blacklight: Retribution (Only on PSN) - FreeCall of Duty: Ghosts Initial Purchase Bonus Bundle - S$76.10Contrast (Only on PSN) - S$19DC Universe (Only on PSN) - FreeDoki-Doki Universe (Only on PSN) - S$19Doki-Doki Universe Limited Edition Bundle (Only on PSN) - S$31.70Dynasty Warriors 8 with Xtreme Legends with Bonus - S$84.80Escape Plan (Only on PSN, Cross-buy) - S$19.49FIFA 14 - S$84.90Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition - S$76.10Just Dance® 2014 - S$61.90Killzone Shadow Fall (Initial Edition) - S$67.90KNACK - S$62.90LEGO Marvel Super Heroes - S$76.10MADDEN NFL 25 - S$84.90NBA 2K14 - S$76.10NBA GAME TIME - FreeEA SPORTS NBA LIVE 14 - S$84.90Need for Speed Rivals - S$84.90Putty Squad (Only on PSN) - S$31.90RESOGUN (Only on PSN)  - S$19Super Motherload  (Only on PSN) - S$19TOTTEMO E MAHJONG PLUS  (Only on PSN) - S$19Trine 2: Complete Story  (Only on PSN) - S$23.60Warframe (Only on PSN) - Free

Day One Game List for PS4

Our biggest beef here is that games from Electronics Arts are priced between S$9 to S$20 more than those from other studios. Will this be a trend? Will other publishers follow suit and raise their prices in the future? At least we're not paying as high as our colleagues in UK, with each game priced around £60 (S$123) each.

Meanwhile, here's our thoughts on why you should get the PS4 now, and read our review of the PS4’s standout exclusive Resogun.  Also, read all of our PS4 coverage right here while you are waiting in line to get your own unit.