Hello LG G4, welcome to Singapore

Every other smartphone, meet your new competition

The G4 has landed, and it has made quite the impact, despite all the information that has surfaced about it before.

Although not quite as curvy as the G Flex 2, the G4 has what’s called a Slim Arc running through its body, lending a slight curvature to its display. It’s not all cosmetic either; the curve means there’s less chance of you having to replace a shattered screen should you drop the phone face down.

We’ve heard about its amazing camera. The LG G4 packs a light-absorbing F1.8 aperture lens in its 16MP rear camera to turn out better photos. Looking to get serious about your selfies? The 8MP front-facing camera will do them justice with its F2.0 aperture. See your photos come to life on its 5.5-inch razor-sharp display.

Fed on a beefy 3000mAh battery and the energy-efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, the phone should last you through the day of your usual social media activity.

You’ll be glad to know plastic doesn’t make an appearance on the distinguished LG G4. The Korean company is going with the unusual choice of leather (Black, Brown, or Red) which will develop a nice patina over time. If you don’t fancy the weathered leather look, you can also choose from the moulded ceramic backs in Metallic Grey or Shiny Gold.

How much is that G4 in the window?

The LG G4 will be available for S$998 (leather) and S$928 (metallic) at the end of May. You’ll be glad to know that Google Office comes pre-installed plus there’s two years of free additional 100GB Google Drive storage to hoard all your documents.

Wait, there’s even more. You can get an additional LG G4 battery and its accompanying charger valued at S$126 for easy swapping while stocks last, so hurry. Pre-orders run from 15 through to 24 May.

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