Heineken igNITE will raise your party experience up by a notch

Join the cool kids and party till the wee hours with Heineken’s new bottle that reacts to motion and music
Heineken igNITE will raise your party experience up by a notch

We’re setting the scene: the DJ’s playing your favourite beats, you’re grooving along to the music, pumping one of your fists while your other hand grasps a drink. But besides being the elixir to your fun, your drink just sits there in your hold.

If you’ve ever wished that your bottled friend could do more than just intoxicate you, you’re up for a real treat. Heineken will bring its Heineken igNITE interactive bottle to Singapore very soon.

Come 17 October, Heineken Green Room, its definitive award-winning electro music extravaganza, will mark the date this green goblin makes its appearance on our little red dot and does more than sit in your hand – it reacts to motion and music.

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A mobile innovation unlike any other

If that’s grabbed your attention, you’ll be floored with what this latest mobile innovation concept does. The bottle ignites when you clink it with another, sparks when you take a sip from it, and the light pulses to the beat of the music when the DJ cranks it up.

So you literally have a dance motivator right in your own hands that uses micro sensors to enhance your party experience. But, should you put it down and it remains untouched after a few minutes, the light fades off and it looks like any other ordinary Heineken bottle.

The sci-fi themed music experience for music aficionados will be held for the first time at Infinite Studios’ sound stage on 17 October. Even if you’re not one for electronic dance music, you’ve got to check out the theatrics, audio-visual effects and other sensorial treats including the constellation of lights from Heineken igNITE.

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