Heads-up! Futuristic US Army helmet makes warfare look like gameplay

This might be the day that geeks get to one-up brawny jocks with their military know-how
Heads-up! Futuristic US Army helmet makes warfare look like gameplay

 Gone are the days when a helmet sits passively on your head and does nothing more than protect your skull. Welcome to the new age of wearable tech.

The Helmet Electronics and Display System-Upgradeable Protection (HEaDS-UP, geddit?) will make geeks willingly enlist, if just to get their hands on a piece of head tech.

Equipped with face-protective 9mm plating and powered by a Heads-Up Display (HUD) via an Android phone, the possibilities this interactive helmet presents are mindblowing. Imagine having  your vision enhanced beyond superhuman levels, being able to identify specific threats, receive live feed from surveillance drones, and playing Candy Crush between exercises. Sold yet?

On the physical front of things, the mandible is detachable with pneumatic padding within for each individual’s comfort and to make the helmet a little less clunky. So Singapore Armed Forces, we hope you're reading this. Let's hope to see this helmet being purchased in the next round of equipment upgrades yeah?

For a more accessible (if you happen to be rolling in the dough) road version, there’s the Skully P-1 for your consideration. And if you’re going to rock such a badass helmet, you might as well get a bike to match.

[Source: KINJA]