Heads-up, Digimon is getting a 2017 revival

Long live the Teddymon

Just like the movie industry, the tech-toy one is looking back in order to look forward. And there’s nothing like a classic childhood toy to get now-adults digging deep into their pockets for nostalgia’s sake.

Remember the fighting answer to Tamagotchi - Digimon? It looks like a 20th year anniversary edition is headed our way (yes, it’s been that long and you’re that old).

Bandai launched the virtual pet way back in 1997 and in the time since, it has spawned anime series, trading card games, and even films. But nothing has ever lived up to the little device that taught you the ironic skills of both nurturing a pet and then challenging your friends to a digital monsters deathmatch.

Whatever it is, it’s coming your way on 6 January 2017. Bandai has thoughtfully launched a countdown website with a mystery shadow of an unindentified digital monster and the unmistakeable outline of the little device. Feel free to stare at that ticker till you go insane from the anticipation.