HBO Go is now official in Singapore thanks to StarHub

You can now watch all the Game of Thrones you want for the promotional price of S$2 a month

What do Band of Brothers, Game of Thrones, and Entourage have in common?

Besides being your all-time favourite tv series, they are also HBO originals which you can now watch if you have an internet connection and a subscription to StarHub’s new service - StarHub Go.

Sign up for StarHub Go’s Go Premium Pack to binge-watch both HBO and Cinemax originals, as well as Asian entertainment content, in HD. The line-up at launch is already an impressive 300 hours of all-you-can-watch content, and is expected to increase weekly and reach 1000 hours by the end of this year.

You can watch the Newsroom, Veep, True Detective, and then some on your iOS, Android, Windows 8.1 portable devices. If you prefer a larger screen, make sure you have Silverlight player installed on your PC or Mac.

The Go Premium Pack will cost you an affordable S$19.90 a month. But should you sign up between 12 August and 30 September, you’ll only be charged S$1.99 a month for your first three months. Score!

Now, all we need is for Netflix to make its way to Singapore, and we’ll never need to leave the house ever.