Have your name in the credits when you fund Masquerada: Songs and Shadows on Kickstarter

That and the warm, fuzzy feeling that you've played a part in a game development

The pride of having a made-in-Singapore game featuring known voice talents like Jennifer Hale (Mass Effect) isn't enough for Witching Hours Studio.

Instead, the studio wants to share that particular pride they call Masquerada: Songs and Shadows with anyone who contributes to the game.

Starting from today, you can put a minimum of £14 (S$27) to fund the game in its final stage of development via Kickstarter. Besides the knowledge that you've done some good for the gaming development scene here, you'll also get to see your name in the credits. Which is just another reason to quickly beat the game and bask in the glory of having your name in it.

But like all Kickstarter projects, the more you fund, the more rewards await, ranging from digital copies of the game's artwork to vinyl figurines and even a poster signed by the game's leading cast member.

Is there a risk of not getting the game at all? Not in this case, because Witching Hours Studio is ready to deliver the game by July 2016, regardless of how this Kickstarter project goes. The only risk, according to the developer, is "a game that delivers less than its full potential".

The Kickstarter project will continue for the next 13 days and it's already well on its way, reaching 20% of its goal. Do your part for the local gaming development scene and back it if you so desire.