Guess what? Xiaomi’s Redmi is sold out… again

At least this time, the Chinese smartphone maker revealed that it sold 5000 units in 8 minutes and 4 seconds
Guess what? Xiaomi’s Redmi is sold out… again

5000 Xiaomi Redmi smartphones were wiped off the online store in 8 minutes and 4 seconds. This time, we can comfortably say that Xiaomi’s Redmi is selling like hot cakes.

That’s something even Apple might have a hard time claiming.

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The Chinese smartphone maker was very coy about how many units were sold in the previous rounds. The only inkling was how fast the Redmi and Mi3 were sold out, the former within eight minutes and the latter in two minutes. For all we know, limited units were sold, which created the illusion of a high demand when it sold out in less than 10 minutes.

Without actual numbers to back its claim, Xiaomi didn't give a clear indication of its demand and supply. But the hype over how fast the Redmi was sold out might have created more interest in the dual-SIM and incredibly affordable Android smartphones.

5000 units? Now that is a believable number, given that 100,000 units were snapped up in China, followed by 10,000 in Hong Kong and Taiwan, all of which were sold out under 10 minutes.  

We're still convinced that only 1000 Redmi smartphones were sold on its first day in Singapore. But we could be wrong.

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