GrabTaxi works because it addresses taxi demand and supply problem

Don't even bother calling the Comfort, SMRT, or Trans-Cab booking hotline, you'll only need this app, says Hafizah Osman
GrabTaxi addresses taxi demand and supply problem

Mark my words – GrabTaxi is going to take over the cabby world, or at least, in Singapore. The taxi-booking app vendor has been on a roll since it launched in October last year, acquiring a fleet of both cabbies and customers.

Today, it has probably outperformed the official apps from the main taxi companies.

The fact that M1 has collaborated with the taxi booking smartphone app also clearly shows it’s fast gaining a monopoly in the taxi-booking scene. Putting it in perspective, Comfort (Singapore’s largest taxi business) has about 16,600 cabs on our roads, while GrabTaxi has about 10,000 drivers registered on it – and that number is multiplying faster than rabbits.

People are forgoing the hassle of hailing a cab, and in place, are using the app to successfully catch a cab on time. I'm guilty too – I downloaded it last week when I was running late for a meeting and wasn't getting any damn luck with the apps from the other taxi vendors (yes, I was very, very frustrated).

GrabTaxi literally came to the rescue and I must say, I've been actively using it and have secured taxis faster and more effectively on it than unsuccessful cab bookings online and on apps.  

Not only is it resulting in customers, like me, beaming from ear-to-ear, taxi drivers that have jumped on the bandwagon too are being rewarded handsomely. The few that I spoke to said they've taken on more than 10 jobs a day from GrabTaxi as compared to less than a handful from the other taxi vendors. They've also mentioned an increase in their daily earnings - an average of $50 a day more- at least. 

True story, bro

GrabTaxi addresses taxi demand and supply problem

And if you’ve noticed a change in the general behaviour of taxi drivers, GrabTaxi has got an influence on that too. It shelves cabbies that get passenger complaints filed against them, so ‘the customer is always right’ if they want to be in the good books of GrabTaxi. (I was baffled why the cabbies were more chirpier and courteous, until I found out about this). 

But customers have been reporting of a few minor bugs (which I’ve encountered as well), such as wrongly detecting their location or marking up the availability of several cabs nearby to only get disappointing results.

However, when we consider that it hasn’t quite faltered the number of people from actively probing the app, I think those issues may be negligible. In the coming months, it'll be fun to see what results from the GrabTaxi boom. Perhaps, more competing taxi-booking apps that'll reward customers? Who knows.

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