GrabTaxi to deliver durians to your doorstep this weekend

Curb your craving, get your Mao Shan Wang delivered to you

Didn’t Uber deliver ice cream last week? Yes, they did. But who cares? Durians, glorious durians!

And it’s not just any run-of-the-mill durian GrabTaxi will be delivering. These will be of the highly coveted Mao Shan Wang variety - deshelled for your convenience. And it only costs S$10 for durian and delivery, cheaper than Uber’s S$15 ice cream delivery.

Durian me, please

You obviously need to download the GrabTaxi app and register an account, if you haven’t already. Next, keep an eye out for the above #GrabDurian icon that will appear in the app from 2-9pm, on 1 and 2 August and select it as your car type.

Enter the address you want it to be delivered to in both pick-up and drop-off locations. This is important. If you leave either incomplete, you might not be able to land a successful durian delivery. Also, be sure to key in GRABDURIAN into the promo code field, and hit Confirm Booking. After that, clasp hands together and pray.

If successful, you’ll receive a confirmation. You can pay by GrabPay or cash, just try and make sure you have the exact amount ready. Be on standby to receive the King of Fruits, because if you aren’t, the driver might move on. Delivery may take a little time since good things are waiting for.

Certain restrictions apply. You’ll be limited to one durian per order just to ensure everyone gets some, and they won’t be delivering to Sentosa and Jurong Island. But anywhere else is fair play.