GrabShare is Grab’s brand new affordable answer to ride-sharing

Taxis, who?

Ever since ride-sharing apps rose to popularity here, taxis have taken the backseat. And more so, now that Grab and Uber have grown increasingly aggressive in providing users with new ride-sharing options. Now meet GrabShare, Grab’s newest ride-sharing solution.

If you’re familiar with UberPool, it works in a similar fashion. You open up your Grab app and look for the new GrabShare option. Select that and enter your destination and information as usual. Your GrabShare fare will be displayed with a helpful comparison of what it would cost if you took a GrabCar instead. Bear in mind that the service is currently in beta. 

Unlike UberPool however, there won’t be more than one other drop-off on your ride. But isn’t that what GrabHitch is doing? Not exactly. The main difference between the two is that GrabShare is a commercial service, using Grab’s drivers whereas GrabHitch is more of a personal one, where drivers aren't hired by Grab.

What it means for the regular consumer is that GrabHitch has a fixed fare and you typically have to schedule rides in advance, at least 15 minutes and up to 7 days, as it takes a while for drivers to accept. As for GrabShare, your fare is split between the number of passengers sharing the ride and your request for a ride fulfilled instantly, just like with GrabCar.

The best thing about this entire situation is that Uber has competition, which means more promo codes for us commuters in the bid to earn our loyalty. Everybody wins - especially the environment. Speaking of winning, each GrabShare ride will be a flat S$5 this coming Friday, 9 December. That's a very good way to start your weekend, if you ask us.