Google Play Books has arrived. In Singapore, that is.

Google beats out Amazon and follows Kobo by making its online bookstore available in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Phillippines and Thailand
Google Play Books has arrived. In Singapore, that is.

Google's managed to do what Apple and Amazon has so far not done: open up its ebooks for sale to Singapore and a host of other Asian countries.

Ebooks coming your way, but for a price

Before Google Play made books available, Singaporean biblophiles had only Kobo as a source for online ebook purchases. Yet there is a (literal) price to this. Like Kobo, Google's pricing is a bit on the high side when compared to Amazon's Kindle store.

In some cases, the price of a real book differs by only a few cents from Google Play prices. For instance, Susanne Collin's "Catching Fire" is $11.78 in Google Play while buying it from Kinokuniya can cost between $12.50 to $32.30, depending on the edition. But some ebooks are significantly cheaper than their real-life counterparts, you just have to nose around a little for the bargain reads, and think of the scores of trees you're saving from death by paperback.

Google Play books is also let down by an interface that is not as conducive for book buying when compared to either Amazon or Kobo. Loading up the page shows a limited amount of books, giving the impression that Google's selection is limited. Still it is a convenient resource for Androiders and even iFreaks so nobody's complaining. Yet.

The app is available on Android and Apple devices, as well as any computer via its web browser.