Google Photos now recognises your pets as people

It's now easier to find your 10,000 photos of Mr.Bubbles

If the Internet is for cats, then smartphone cameras are made for pet and baby photos. And Google Photos has finally cottoned up to that by recognising your pets. If you update your app on both iOS and Android, you should see the changes, which will also reflect on the web version of Google Photos.

All the pet photos

How well does this work? I tested the app on my own phone and while it did a fairly decent job on my two dogs and two cats, it did accidentally misidentify random photos of other pets as my own. I'm not sure why Google Photos decided pictures of random corgis were of my collie.

Still, it makes compiling albums or searching for specific photos of your pets much easier. Before, you'd have to manually search out pet photos or try to remember specific dates or locations. Or worse, scroll your way through the perhaps hundreds or thousands of photos you had stored on Google Photos.

Besides this fun Google Photos tweak, Google has also revamped its Security Checkup - this will help you figure out how adequate your security settings are, and if they need tweaking. Check it out here and if you're on Chrome, expect browsing to be a safer experience now that Google is testing out more advanced phishing detection.

[Source: Google]