Google not buying HTC, hiring its smartphone team instead

Deal will also see Google getting non-exclusive access to HTC patents

The Google-HTC deal has finally been revealed and no, HTC isn't selling off its smartphone unit. Instead, as part of a bigger deal, Google is hiring some of HTC's staff to work on Google hardware.

Cash matters

What's essentially happening is that Google is handing over US$1.1 billion, a cash injection that HTC needs after the lacklustre sales of its own phones.

Despite the good reviews its own phones, such as the HTC U11 are getting, HTC just hasn't been able to make the numbers. The manufacturer will still be making a Pixel phone for Google this year as well.

So pretty much things will be status quo: HTC gets money, Google gets patent rights as well as new staffers to bolster its hardware division.

It's interesting that Google is leaving phone manufacturing to third-parties (likely due to their being able to leverage existing supply chains) while choosing to work on its own, non-smartphone, hardware. Google Hardware with an HTC flavour? Amazon might need to get worried.

[Source: Androidcentral]