Google Glass version 2.0 might be a complete redesign of the wearable

Because doing things the second time around might be a charm
Google Glass version 2.0 might be a complete redesign of the wearable

If you thought the original Google Glass was super cool but got upset when you found out it got killed off last month, don’t despair. Google’s apparently got a second version in the works, and it’s said to be totally different from the former.

The New York Times has indicated that the head-mounted wearable will be redesigned “from scratch”, which probably means new look, new features, new everything. It sounds promising, considering that its change of leadership includes former Apple executive and the founder of Nest, Tony Fadell, and jewellery designer, Ivy Ross.

This strategic “reset” would likely make the second version a must-have toy for geeks, executives, or even fashionistas – not that the original Google Glass wasn’t, but it just was too far ahead of its time.

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It’s also been reported on the New York Times that unlike what was done with the original Glass, there won’t be a public beta testing. A tipster was quoted saying that this next-generation device won’t hit retail “until it’s perfect”.

Whichever the case, it’s not just all about new looks and additional features. Google Glass version 2.0 will have a lot of kinks to iron out too – the device was called out for being banned from cinemas, theatre chains, cars, and even bars.

So reversing it from being a case study of how not to make future technologies will be a huge feat.

Another issue it’ll need to work on is its pricing strategy – the original cost roughly US$1500 (S$1880), which is pretty expensive for your average mass-market consumer. Sources claim the explorer edition prototype itself needed to be about 90 per cent cheaper.

Google might have more answers in relation to this as the new and improved version gets rolled-out but for now, we’re quite excited to see leaks of the device’s make, and what new features it’ll entail. 

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