GoGoVan’s the Uber of delivery, and it’s landed in Singapore

Have a delivery? This app might just be the solution for you
GoGoVan’s the Uber of delivery, and it’s landed in Singapore

The first of its kind app that fuses logistics with tech has made its debut in Singapore, and it’s one that might be a handy dandy tech tool to have. Named GoGoVan, this app is the GrabTaxi or Uber equivalent for those that need some help with deliveries.

The app hails from Hong Kong, where it’s been widely used; and in an attempt at expanding its global footprint, the service is being extended to our little red dot. Singapore is the first expansion market GoGoVan’s eyed, and claims it has since nailed a “number of local investors”.  

What this app does is connect users looking to deliver goods (anything from small parcels to massive, heavy boxes) to a network of delivery service providers, any time and any day.

All you need to do is order immediately or schedule a vehicle – choices include a motorcycle, van, lorry, or heavy-duty truck – pretty much the same way you would a taxi when the app connects you to the nearest vehicle via GPS tracking.

The drivers don't get left behind

GoGoVan’s the Uber of delivery, and it’s landed in Singapore

But what’s even more interesting is the driver version of the app, because anyone with a valid driver's license makes the cut. This then opens up a whole world of possibilities for bikers or drivers who want to earn some extra cash on the side. The caveat for drivers, however, is that the app requires you to drive a commercial vehicle, i.e. a van, at the very least.

There is a process for you to go through – you’ll obviously need the driver version of the app and register as a GoGoVan driver. This will require you to upload snaps of your vehicle and send in a copy of your license, just in case you intend to run off with someone’s stash. Upon completion, congratulations, your app feed's ready to get spammed with orders.

Now, if you own a car and intend to try this, we're putting it out there that it's not going to work because Singapore has regulations around this and hence, when you register your license, GoGoVan rejects your application. 

GoGoVan’s also looking to soon penetrate other Asian countries, as well as other cities in Australia, the US, and Europe. For now, the driver and user versions of the app are free for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play

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