The Goby All-Black is the toothbrush of your Gothic fantasies

The ultimate accessory for brushing your teeth to your personal emo soundtrack

A black electric toothbrush might seem fanciful but we have to admit that on paper and in pictures, the Goby All-Black Brush Kit looks pretty cool.

Darth Vader's dentist would love this

Besides being black and electric, this Goby toothbrush has quite a bit going for it. Check out this feature list:

  • Rotationally oscillating brush head with soft bristles
  • Battery that needs to be charged just twice a month
  • Two-minute time with 30-second intervals
  • Two speeds (standard and sensitive)
  • Also includes modular brush stand with removable drip tray and a remote charging shell for a cordless charging experience

Not a bad featureset and generally electric toothbrushes do offer a cleaner experience than a standard manual brush.

To purchase it, you have to option: an upfront payment of US$75 (S$105) or a subscription plan of US$60 (S$84) for the initial payment and US$5 (US$7) monthly, where you will be given brush head replacements free.

Goby only ships to the US at the moment but hey, that's what overseas personal shopping services are for. Check out the All-Black Brush Kit on the Goby website here if you're keen.

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[Source: Digitaltrends]