Go wild adding on these accessories to your alleged Samsung Galaxy S6 phone

And Samsung’s possibly unveiling a Samsung Galaxy S Edge variant too
Go wild adding on these accessories to your alleged Samsung Galaxy S6 phone

Leaks surrounding the purported Samsung Galaxy S6 are coming in full force these days. And the latest are that Samsung’s going to pack the Galaxy S6 phone with a bunch of accessories and launch a Galaxy S Edge variant at MWC 2015.

According to sources, the Galaxy S6 will rely heavily on accessories and these essential parts of the ecosystem will be ones that many can’t do without. The most interesting ones highlighted are a set of different covers, of which one is said to pack an E-ink display that functions a second screen on the back of the phone.

This would make it similar to that of the YotaPhone 2, which has the accessory to make reading books on the device easier, or to check on notifications when the phone’s battery is running low.

Other accessories that might be announced include a new camera lenses native to the Galaxy S6 (which we know nothing else about for now), and an accessory that will extend S Health’s functionality by measuring your blood sugar and heart rate.  

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Another report indicated that British carrier, Vodafone, accidentally leaked the name of another Galaxy that will make its debut at the trade show – the Samsung Galaxy S Edge. This Netherlands-based blog, Galaxy Club, noticed the words “Galaxy S Edge” on the source code of Vodafone’s Galaxy S6 pageholder.  

This provides further proof that the company’s most likely going to be launching two handsets, just like it did during the Samsung Galaxy Note launch a few months ago. Either way, we can’t wait for March to come to see what the company’s held under wraps for so long. 

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