Give your iPhone some luxury with the Gramas accessory range

Have your pick from a bevy of premium material options
Give your iPhone some luxury with the Gramas accessory range

It’s all about having the most premium accessories when it comes to having the best goods on your newly purchased iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. And that’s what Gramas aims to deliver in Singapore.

The luxury iPhone accessory maker launched a new range of products in Singapore, marking its arrival into our local market.

But, the cases it’s offering aren’t made from the usual products you’d expect. Yes, there’s the premium cow leather case but the make of some others will make you raise an eyebrow (or both).

Premium craftsmanship

Give your iPhone some luxury with the Gramas accessory range

If you haven’t already guessed the materials they could be made of, it’s stingray and crocodile skin for the Gramas Meister range. These pieces are made from just one piece of stingray or crocodile leather, with clean lines and seamless construction. The Gramas Meister range is handmade, by a Japanese artisan, and according to the company, each piece takes at least four hours to construct.

There’s also the precision hybrid cases that are a combination of sturdy polycarbonate and impact-absorbing silicon, giving you full protection from drops and knocks. They’re inspired by luggages and jetsetters, which we think kind of makes them look like smaller Samsonite cases.    

Gramas does accessories for other iPhone models upward of the iPhone 5, the 4th generation iPod Shuffle, some iPad models and a few of Sony’s smartphones, but only the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cases, and display protective films will soon be available in Singapore (from SingTel) in a variety of colours.

As for their pricing, you’ll be paying upward of S$30, which is the price of the precision hybrid cases. Obviously, the stingray and crocodile skin cases will set you back at least JPY50,000 (S$552) for the iPhone 6 and JPY60,000 (S$662) for the iPhone 6 Plus. 

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