Give your iPad Air 2 some keyboard love with Belkin's new QODE cases

Because you know a case truly completes your tablet

You’re in a room. And it’s absolutely naked. You feel vulnerable fiddling with it. The solution? Get a case for your iPad Air 2.

But why stop there? A case is just a case. But a Belkin QODE keyboard case is more than that. Obviously, it’s also a wireless keyboard that links up to your Apple-made tablet. Great for on-the-go folks who want to reply emails or prepare documents at lightning speed. And saves your screen from too many fingerprint smudges when you’re typing furiously on the on-screen keyboard.

For the life of us, we have no idea why anyone would want to type in a dark room. But if that’s how you roll, you’ll be glad to know that of the three QODE keyboard cases, the QODE Ultimate Pro Keyboard for iPad Air 2 comes with backlit keys. That, and a pretty smart sensor that switches off the keyboard when it’s inactive. You won’t want the battery to run dry while you’re typing halfway, would you?

Speaking of battery, the Ultimate Pro version is rated with a year’s worth of battery life. Incredible, we know, and you should take it with a pinch of salt if you’re a heavy user. Remove the Pro term, and you get the Ultimate version, which has a rated battery life of six months. While this version acts as a folio case, the higher end Ultimate Pro version can be detachable, allowing it to be used as a standalone keyboard.

Too bulky? Then there’s one more option - the Slim Style keyboard. As its name suggests, this is the slimmer version compared to the Ultimate Pro and Ultimate version. Though it doesn’t have as much functionality as the other (but really, how functional can a keyboard get), it is somewhat practical with the flexible corner tabs to hold your iPad securely in place.

The Ultimate Pro version is priced at S$269, while the Ultimate version comes in at a slightly more affordable price tag of S$199. For the most basic, folio version, the Slim Style costs S$149. All three are available from 10 March at Apple Premium Resellers, Challenger, and other key Consumer Electronic and IT stores.