Get unlimited data on flights with M1 without breaking the bank

The sky isn’t even the (data) limit with M1

When you’re stuck on a long distance flight, there’s a chance you’ll miss important If you want to find yourself in a waking nightmare of an exorbitant bill, all you have to do is connect to in-flight Wi-Fi.

Things are changing around here though. M1 now offers unlimited data roaming when you’re on the fly for a maximum fee of S$25. Your eyes do not deceive you. That’s really just S$25. And it could even be less, depending on how much data you use. 

What it means is that M1 subscribers who are on these data roaming bundles will be charged S$0.20 per 10KB, capped at S$25 a day. So you pay for the amount of data you use until it hits the maximum cap of S$25. For those M1 subscribers who are not, you’ll be charged S$0.24 per 10KB (capped at a still affordable S$30 a day).

It’s available on 18 airlines (including Singapore Airlines, Emirates, and British Airways) where you must log onto the in-flight network OnAir. And you need not worry about other fees sneaking in as you can activate M1’s Network Feature lock to make sure you stick to only that network.

Unlike Scoot’s time-based Wi-Fi plans, this makes more sense especially if you’re flying long direct flights with no transit for a connection break. Be warned though that the preferred network might change, so check back with M1 before you embark on your journey to make sure there are no changes if you don’t want to be in for a nasty shock.

The only downside to this is that there's no excuse for you to not be checking your emails anymore. Best pray your boss never finds out about this.