Get a headstart on GameStart tickets before September

Because the early birds pay less for the gaming event on 14 and 15 November

If you can’t attend the annual Tokyo Game Show, there’s something similar that will come your way in November.

Local gaming convention GameStart will open its doors to gamers from 14 to 15 November, and has begun ticket sales with early bird rates. A one-day pass costs S$10 while S$18 gives you access to both days.

Just like the games it’s promoting, there’s also a secret level of sorts in the form of an early preview on 13 November, reserved for a limited number of visitors. To gain access, you’ll have to purchase a special S$58 VIP ticket, which also gives you the chance to rub shoulders with folks from the gaming industry. Also, the VIP ticket brings you to the priority lane, plus a goodie bag that contains exclusive merchandise.

Don’t worry, tickets won’t run out even if you didn’t get them before September. They’ll just be back to their usual price of S$12 for a single-day ticket and S$22 for a two-day pass. Then, there’s also a treat for cosplayers - deck yourself out in your favourite character’s costume, and you’ll only have to pay S$5 for a single-day ticket.

True to its gaming spirit, the organisers have also created a mobile game. Unsurprisingly titled GameStart 2015, the game is a platformer that’s insanely tough. That’s because it’s designed by Seow “Sonic” Zong Hui, who created the Street Fighter vs MegaMan game that caught the attention of Capcom and turned it into a full-fledged game.

Oh, did we mention it’s free to download for both iOS and Android devices?