Get fit in Singapore with TomTom’s new sport watches

Working up a sweat will be a lot easier with these on your wrist
Get fit in Singapore with TomTom’s new sportwatches

Yeah, you know that naggy personal trainer you just can't stand? The one who talks way too much? Fire him. Now you can have something conveniently monitoring your workouts straight from your wrist. And yes, you can shut it up at any time.

Both the TomTom Runner and Multi-Sport watches feature extra large, high-resolution displays to track time, distance and pace, and allow you to control everything with ease on a simple interface. 

They're also equipped with features such as the Graphical Training Partner, which has three modes to help you set workout goals and monitor them at a glance; an indoor tracker that’ll measure your strides with the watch’s built-in sensors; and QuickGPS Fix that'll quickly find your precise location using GLONASS satellite technology. 

Those who're after a more complete regimen would probably be better off with the Multi-Sport though, as it comes with an additional cadence sensor, built-in altimeter, swimming motion sensor, and dedicated bike mount. Hence the name, we suppose.

Both the TomTom Runner and Multi-Sport are already available in Singapore, and retail at S$299 and S$349 respectively.