Gatebox is a virtual anime genie in a bottle

It's like having Siri in a bottle, doing cosplay

If you've ever wanted Siri to have a face, the Gatebox virtual assistant might be the next best thing.

This virtual assistant is basically a projected CGI character that responds to voice controls.


Creepy or high-tech?

How does it work? Well, on the surface you get a pretty CGI anime character with a chirpy personality. Behind the facade, you have the next best thing to Alexa.

Gatebox can be used to control your home appliances and lights, with infra-red support allowing you to connect to home appliances not hooked up to WiFI and Bluetooth.

How do you interact with it? Gatebox can be made to recognise voice commands as well as movement. Only thing is, you'll have to press the mic button on the Gatebox to talk to your AI but you can also send her texts via a chatbot.

One slightly creepy feature is that the Gatebox will apparently get lonely if you come home late. If you don't actually have pets or people at home, then maybe you might enjoy this virtual simulation of someone being there in your home. 

For the privilege of having your own captive anime girlfriend/butler, you'll have to pay ¥321840 (S$3975). Still want one? Then get in on the preorder, which has a limited run of 300.

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[Source: Engadget]