The Gamevice makes your iOS devices feel like PS Vitas

The gaming device comes in iPhone, iPad mini and iPad air sizes

If you game a fair amount on iOS, then you would understand why gaming controller add-ons look attractive. Swiping on a touchscreen is just not as tactile as an actual button so the Gamevice add-on looks pretty sweet.

It works by adding left and righthand side controllers or pads that make your iPhone or iPads feel like PS Vitas. There's a D-pad, analog joysticks, action buttons and front triggers.

The device has a Lightning connector to work with your iOS devices and has a nice big 4000mAh battery to go with it. 

While there are 800 games certified to work with Gamevice, you'll have to download the free Gamevice app to make sure your favourite games are compatible.

How much will this little addition cost? US$100 ($134). You might want to hold off, however, until the latest iPhone comes out because the Gamevice might need resizing by then.

[Source: Wired]