Fully charged: Sammy unveils a speedier new RAM chip, Wii U hacked to Stream from PC, Kingston unbridles a horse-themed Zodiac USB

Battle the Monday blues with a bit of tech news

Samsung’s new chip goes faster, eats less power

Releasing a honking huge 3GB of RAM on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the Korean company has just unveiled the first 8-gigabit (1GB) low-power DDR4 memory chip, which translates into the possibility of having 4GBs of RAM on your mobile. The chip also looks promising with a 50% speed boost and be less of a power leech than its predecessors too, making it a prime candidate for giving future laptops, smartphones and tablets a beneficial boost in performance.

[SOURCE: Samsung Tomorrow]

Wii U GamePad hacked to stream from the PC

Nothing is safe from console hackers as they’ve managed to figure out how to stream PC games to a Wii U Gamepad, completely bypassing the console itself. Shown at the 30th Chaos Communication Congress, the hack manages to emulate but still crashes quite a bit though it doesn’t look like it’s likely to replace the NVIDIA Shield anytime soon. 

[SOURCE: Engadget]

Saddle Up

All hyped up for the Year of the Horse? Kingston’s got another limited edition USB drive modeled after the Chinese Zodiac theme up for grabs.

Following up with the release of a Dragon themed USB drive last year in line with the Lunar New Year celebrations, Kingson’s limited ed DataTraveler Chinese Zodiac this time features a ‘Flying Horse’ in signature red colours for the festive season. Coming in 16GB capacity, there’ll be a lot you can saddle up in what looks like it’ll be a hit with the kids.