Fully Charged: pesky telemarketers shall not pass, Nissan 3E on your head, wired roaches!

Be rid of those annoying telemarketers with the do-not-call registry, and enjoy sips of our locally brewed tech tea for the latest news in the wired world in peace

Begone forever, annoying telemarketers

You never have to feel a split-second of fury at finding a telemarketer on the end of the line, ever again. To not be badgered by calls from people reciting from their monitors, all you have to do is simply get yourself registered on the newly live local Do Not Call Registry. The process doesn’t cost a cent. Spend some time inputting your number, and you’ll have a lifetime free of undesired phonecalls to look forward to. The system is currently undergoing trial testing but don’t fret, salvation will begin from 2 December this year.

Nissan sneaks peek at 3E

Not much is known about the Japanese carmaker’s wearable head-up display as yet, but from the minute-long trippy trailer, it looks like it could revolutionise the way we drive. Imagine that device feeding your eyes with road info, without you ever having to twitch a muscle. This is not Nissan’s first crack at a wearable, and could prove valuable in the future if the devices can prove to be collaborative. Let’s just hope the 3E’s not all smoke and mirrors when it shows itself at the upcoming 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. Stay tuned.

[Source: CNET]

HP breaks out fresh Ultrabook in time for Christmas

The HP Spectre13 Ultrabook looks classically handsome in Truffle Brown and weighs an extremely manageable 1.48kg. All while packing a multimedia-friendly 13.3-inch QHD touchscreen display and a power packed Intel Core i7 processor.

That’s not all the goods it’s bringing to the table. In a HP first, the Spectre13 Ultrabook comes with the HP Control Zone track pad for a more intuitive Windows 8 experience. The wider than usual trackpad has been extended so that users can bring up Windows Charms much more easily via the Control Zone. Better productivity, less trackpad-incurred frustration, what’s not to like?

World disapproves of cockroach-control app

What started as a Kickstarter project has garnered enough monetary support to become reality. For just US$99 (S$124), you get a little electronic backpack to control a roach, which is thankfully not included. Subdue a good-sized bugger in ice water, attach the backpack to it with glue and insert a wire in its thorax. Viola, your very own robotic roach, controlled via an app. Critics have lambasted creators Backyard Brains for animal cruelty, but the company maintains that the project encourages a healthy interest in neuroscience. The things people do for science...

[Source: BBC]