Fully charged: Matias outs split keyboard, Facebook to remove Sponsored Stories and walking on oodles of Oobleck

Hit your gateway to Saturday with these tech bites

Hong Leong Bank and We Are KIX bring pool full of Oobleck

Ever wondered what you could do with a pool filled to the brim with oobleck? Hit the video to find out the kind of fun that only can be achieved with hideous amounts of water and cornstarch in this advertising stunt.

Facebook to remove Sponsored Stories ads by 9th April

Look out advertisers, Facebook is retiring Sponsored Stories by 9th April so if you want to get in some last ads, now’s the time. Unfortunately they aren’t banishing the feature completely but instead incorporating elements of it into regular Facebook advertisements instead as part of a new advertising strategy.

[Source: Mashable]

Matias unveils retro-styled split design keyboard

Recently shown at CES, Matias announced its Matias Ergo Pro split keyboard for people looking for something much more ergonomic. The keyboard itself is mechanical in design, promising to last much longer, be more user-friendly and comfortable than your standard boards.  

Pity the beastie costs US$200 (S$253)

[Source: CNET]