Fujitsu launches smorgasbord of new devices

Mind-blowing features include alcohol and water resistance, plus incredible day-long battery life
Fujitsu launches smorgasbord of new devices

From the Lifebook T904 with its rotatable display to the smart card-reading Lifebook T734, it’s clear that Fujitsu means business with its new range of touch-enabled products. We’d love to wax lyrical about the lot of them, but here are the two that deserve our respect for their genius innovativeness.

The customisable laptop that never quits

Fujitsu Lifebook S904

The Lifebook S904 weighs a measly 1.13kg, yet packs a brilliant 13.3in screen. It comes touch-enabled, if you so please, with a modular bay concept that will allow you to either slot an optical disk drive, second hard disk, or even an additional battery in.

Powered by 4th-gen Intel Core processors, the portable device can go on for up to 32 hours if you’re using the 6-cell primary battery with another slotted in the modular bay. Mark our words, you’d probably run out of steam before this little laptop that could.

This productivity comes at a cost though - it'll set you back S$2988, so start bugging your boss to get you one. For work, of course.

Chuck Norris’ tablet of choice

Fujitsu Stylistic Q584

If you’re looking for a sleek tablet that’s as invincible as you are, the Stylistic Q584 is the answer to all your tough-guy dreams.

The 10.1-incher is fronted in a pixel-perfect 2560x1600 high resolution display, and you won’t have to worry about people snagging bits of your top-secret data with security features like a fingerprint sensor and smart card reader.

Engineered to withstand the hard knocks of life, the Stylistic Q584 is dustproof and water resistant up to 1.5m for 30 minutes, so you can watch an episode of Big Bang Theory at the bottom of the pool if your lungs can hold out. It’s also alcohol resistant, and no, that doesn’t mean it’s not going to register your drunken Facebooking. It just means that it’s resistant to alcohol-based wipes, making it the perfect work tool at hospitals and the like.

Available in Q1, 2014. Price TBA.