Fujifilm’s Instax Share Printer creates customisable photo keepsakes

Transform your hoard of digital snapshots into collectible photo-cards
Fujifilm’s Instax Share Printer creates customisable photo keepsakes

Fujifilm's new photo printer combines instant photos with the art of photo-editing apps to create personalised keepsakes.

Why bother capturing memories with your phone if you’re just going to leave them withering in a musty corner of your phone’s memory? With these credit card-sized snaps, you'll get to stick them all over the fridge, and keep a rotating schedule of memories in your wallet as well.

To commence transformation, download the Instax Share app - available to both Android and iOS devices - and link your device up to the Instax Share printer that doubles up as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Snap photos on the spot or choose from the multitudes already on your camera roll and the portable instant printer, which uses the same film cartridges as its range of Instax cameras, will spit them out in a jiffy. True to its name, up to 8 devices can connect to the same Instax Share printer in the spirit of sharing.

Editing options in the app are rather sparse at the moment. But the beauty of apps is that this is not the be-all-end-all. Look forward to new templates and editing tools to be rolled out in the future, or choose from the scores of photo-editing apps already available in the app stores.

Tip #364 from Stuff's Social Hit Handbook: Make your next gathering a success by circulating a few Instax cameras and printers so guests can take a piece of the day home. You can thank us later.

Available from early Feb for S$259.