A fresh start - the Slate rehabilitates the laptop working experience

The mobile airdesk provides an alternative to your lap and your messy workplace

Working on your laptop without a platform to rest it on usually results in a scalded lap and an aching back. But not if you have the Slate at your disposal.

Made out of pure bamboo, the Slate looks like a hybrid between a chopping block and a colander at first look, but that’s as far as the kitchen gear similarities go.

Despite its simple look, the Slate has all the essentials that make it a quality mobile workstation: a display port with a cable slot to park your mobile device while you work, a lush mouse pad for your electronic rodent to glide across, and a ventilated area that accommodates 13 to 17-in laptops easily.

The holes allow heat from your laptop to pass through and be absorbed by the natural bamboo, without warping the wood or melting your lap down. To finish off, the Slate is hand-sanded and polished so you won’t have to worry about splinters. 

Available in both left and right-hand configurations, the Slate is priced from US$68 (S$85). However, only the packages starting from US$98 (S$125) are currently available. Might sound a little pricey, but it’s going to cost a lot less than long-term orthopaedic care with your new improved posture.